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TSMXSP44 per stuk

TSMXSP44 per stuk

Magnification range: 40 - 1000x

Technical details and delivery:

Magnification range: 40 - 1000x
Eyepieces: WF-10x (2 pc.)
Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil
Binocular head: Siedentopf system, eye distance 54-75mm
Focusing range: 20 mm
Cross table: integrated, 120x120mm area
Illumination: 6V/20 Halogen, dimable (230V wall connector)

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TSMXSP44  per stuk

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Binocular Scientific Microscope MXS P44 - solid metal design
The MXS P44 by TS Optics sets a new standard in good transmission-type microscopes for Students, Hobbyists and scientific use. It has all features needed for a universal biological microscope.

Turnable binocular head:
The binocular head is tilted by 45° for a comfortable working position and can be turned by 360°. The Siedentopf head allows an easy adjustment of the individual eye distance withot loosing the focus.
Widefield eyepieces:
In order to achieve a wide field of view (even for eyeglass wearers), the microscope is equipped with two WF eyepieces with 10x magnification. So you have (at the given magnification) a view over wider fields without any stress to your eyes.
Micro focusing with coarse and fine drive:
Even at higher magnifications, finest focusing is crucial for sharp images. Standard microscopes with only coarse focusers can hardly hit the "tack sharp" point. Our coaxial coarse & fine focuser allows a comfortable adjustment of the image focus!
High-quality cross table:
Fine adjustable and integrated
The cross table is not afterwards applied with uncomfortable and fuzzy to operate knobs (as often found at other products). Here, the crosstable's mechanical system has been integrated already at the developing stage. So one can move the slide in both directions with two fingers without raising the hand.

The revolver with four objectives (standard equiment) containes spring-loaded lenses at the 40x and 100x objectives. This prevents damage to the slide or lens if the slide accidentally hits the objective while focusing.

Dimable illumination:
The illumination system has a height-adjustable Abbe-condenser with iris and a powerful (6V/20W) halogen lamp.